Melyn Leung Chew started her career as a junior auditor in a private firm where she worked during six years for several industries. She has joined Ascencia where she holds the position of Financial Controller. She shares with us her views about the retail development sector and her responsibilities. 



The skills required to be a Financial Controller 


The need to be proactive and be decisive is key to make things progress and reach the goals set. My duties demand that I be proactive on a regular basis because the sector in which we evolve is a dynamic one, thus requiring one to take decisions after assessing the various options. 



My challenges 


Even if I have a to-do list every day, there are always unexpected things which I need to handle. I also need to identify the right persons for me to collect the required data and be able to perform my job. As those people are abroad, there is the need to adapt to the time difference. However, this motivates me to overcome these challenges and look for solutions to get the job done within the set deadlines. 



What I’m passionate about the job


Working in the retail development sector is something new for me and it is a real learning experience. Being able to be a problem-solver is a personal achievement for me. I will say that perseverance is an essential factor in the job; without it, we will not find ways to overcome obstacles. Ascencia is a learning organization, and, as a company, allows one to learn new things in a supportive environment, which helps to bring out the best in you.