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What's hapenning in our malls

30 Jan 2020

We shape singular places Because it is a combination of choice brands, exciting events and wondrous features that bring the most fulfilling shopping experiences. #Ascencia #AscenciaMalls

28 Jan 2020

Nombreux sont ceux et celles qui se préparent à célébrer leur couple et leur amour le 14 février. La Saint Valentin sera-t-elle une belle occasion pour partager un déjeuner en amoureux ou un date night ? � Nous avons de quoi vous satisfaire, voici les meilleures adresses pour un tête-à-tête qui correspond au type de couple que vous êtes !� A lire : #Ascencia #ValentinesDay #Trends #Blog Bagatelle Mall Phoenix Mall Riche Terre Mall Bo'Valon Mall So'flo Kendra Les Allées

26 Jan 2020

We're here to share our insights with style, food, beauty, fitness, and tech brands on how they can grow their business in our ever-changing retail landscape. #Ascencia #AscenciaMalls

25 Jan 2020

Celebrate Chinese New Year with a weekend packed full of fun and fortune in Ascencia Malls. #Ascencia #ChineseNewYear

24 Jan 2020

At Ascencia, we are constantly adding new, in-demand retailers and other uses to enhance the customer experience across our portfolio. We're thrilled to bring a large indoor playground for kids at the Koala Happy Island of Phoenix Mall. #Asencia #PhoenixMall #Lifestyle

23 Jan 2020

Fact: Fitness concepts are now dominating shopping centres. Sport is now a routine in our day-to-day activity. That's why, at Ascencia we are promoting #health and #wellness retail in 3 of our malls; Phoenix Mall, Riche Terre Mall and So'flo. 
 Get to know more about our fitness culture in their respective Facebook page. 
 #Asencia #AscenciaFitness #Fitness #Lifestyle

22 Jan 2020

Comment bien vivre l'année du rat ! Riche de sa personnalité, les traits du rat nous cache bien des surprises. Conseil et astrologie dans notre magazine et blog en ligne Trends. A lire absolument : #Asencia #ChineseAstrology #Trends #Blog

21 Jan 2020

We are celebrating the Chinese New Year this weekend at the #AscenciaMalls. Save the dates below & drop by to enjoy the live Lion dance & Dragon dance at each mall. Bagatelle Mall: 25th January as from 11am & 26th January as from 12pm Phoenix Mall: 25th January as from 3pm Riche Terre Mall: 25th January as from 12pm Bo'Valon Mall: 26th January as from 11am So'flo: 25th January as from 2:30pm Les Allées: 29th January #Ascencia #ChineseNewYear2020 #yearoftherat #celebration

20 Jan 2020

Quiz Time! With the new decongestion projects at Phoenix Mall, how many entrances does said mall have now? Tips: grab one of our Trends Magazine for more information. #Ascencia #PhoenixMall #quiztime

17 Jan 2020

Balad dan vilaz! Let's have a quick trip to Bo'Valon Mall with Trends by Ascencia! Known for its modern and comfortable architecture, Ascencia's latest newcomer opened its doors last November. Learn more here: #Ascencia #BovalonMall #ascenciamalls #Trends #Blog

16 Jan 2020

It's time to celebrate all the good luck acquired over the previous year and prepare for another blissful year ahead. As from this weekend, enjoy the live dragon dance shows, photo booths, kids corner and more at the Ascencia malls! . #Ascencia #ascenciamalls #ShapingSingularPlaces #chinesenewyear2020 #yearoftherat #togetherblossoming

15 Jan 2020

Trends by Ascencia is out! Grab your latest trends magazine focusing this month on how to start the new year on the right foot, the new experiences to be lived at our malls & more in this FREE copy! #Ascencia #ShapingSingularPlaces #Trendsmagazine