At Ascencia, we strongly believe in the notion of solidarity. We are an important local player and, as such, we have a duty to help our fellow citizens participate in our success. It is with this mindset that we decided in April 2020 to launch our B ’ Local Initiative. The aim of B ‘ Local is to provide patronage to local entrepreneurs. This patronage can come in various forms: (1) access to market for local entrepreneurs that find it difficult to have exposure and access to the wider Mauritian market (2) access to a reputable customer, Ascencia, in order to gain credibility.

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We want to make a positive impact in the communities in which we trade and we do this by focusing on issues that are important to our business, our team members, our customers and our local community.By means of our customer promise, we see our social malls as an active platform that adds value in the lives of our stakeholders. Through our Social Mall Compaigns, we give back to the community in which we work. We create awareness regarding issues affecting our immediate environment, we raise funds for associations and create events for the surrounding communities to come and enjoy.

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Our solidarity drive

2022 will see a strengthening of our partnership with La Turbine. We have recently created a joint website with La Turbine to call for innovative solution in three main areas namely customer experience, mall management and digital solutions. A challenge is planned for Q3 2022.

Moreover, the concept of 42 Market Street will be rolled out in other Malls of Ascencia.


We create emotions and memorable moments for our shoppers and visitors to ensure they always take home valuable experiences through the four pillars of our customer promise: Access, Safe, Comfort & Engaging. We intend to continue with our #SafeShopping plan, which sets out our strategy to respond to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Since Day 1 of lockdown, the team brainstormed to come up with this plan comprising physical measures to be applied in our Malls, like the compulsory wearing of face masks, the control of delivery vehicles, physical distancing, fumigation, regular use of sanitiser along with the complementary sanitary protocol to be followed by each tenant.

Helping Vulnerable Citizensarrow_forward

True to our long-standing commitment to supporting the communities in which we operate, our teams help address the needs of vulnerable populations, including the elderly, underprivileged families and children in urgent need of food and other daily necessities through our yearly contribution to the Rogers Foundation.

In the current uncertain times, some are more exposed than others. Therefore, in April 2020, we donated Rs 1m to each of the following on top of our normal CSR contribution: ENL Foundation, National Solidarity Fund, and the Solidarity Fund under Rogers’ Vivacis resilience programme.

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B’Local by Ascencia

Ascencia is an entrepreneurial-centric organisation, with a young workforce that is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to improve the customer experience in our Malls. Through the B’Local initiative, we would like to promote entrepreneurial qualities, create opportunities for the creative and passionate minds to flourish in a supportive environment. Our focus will be on using our market expertise to back 10 retailers or start-ups by 2023.

  • Bagatelle Mall has undertaken quite a few initiatives in this past year, including breast cancer awareness, donations to a women’s association for Christmas, celebration of the International Women’s Day in March and lastly, offering free relooking sessions to a women’s association for Mother’s Day. These initiatives were carried out in collaboration with a public figure, Mary-Jane Gaspard as ambassador. She uses her platform to help communicate the right message to the community. Throughout the year, Bagatelle Mall has helped various associations such as Link to Life and SOS Femmes reach their goals. It is important to stress that Bagatelle Mall not only helps in creating awareness about causes that affect women but also empowers women to achieve their desired objectives by sharing success stories and continuously reinforcing positive messages.

  • All social activities at Phoenix Mall took place during the month of June 2017. Caring for the environment is at the heart of the Mall’s initiatives; it therefore only made sense to create an awareness campaign in honour of World Environment Day, which is celebrated on 05 June every year. The theme of the campaign was based around “Did you know” facts on the environment we live in. Phoenix Mall also partnered with the Mauritius Marine Conservation Society to help spread the message on how to care for dolphins, turtles, etc. The NGO held a complimentary exhibition in the Mall. Another social initiative that took place in June was a green market held in collaboration with the Exhibitions Department of the Mall. A kids’ corner completed the event beautifully: the children learned about recycling through creative craft activities, and even the parents got involved.

  • Kids being the focus of Riche Terre Mall’s social initiatives, the mall regularly hosts dedicated children’s events.

    The one that stands out for this year is the free craft-making activity held in early December 2016. Gifts were created by kids who visited the Mall and these were donated to a partner association.

  • So’flo strives to be socially responsible through diverse awareness campaigns promoting Arts and culture as well as the educating the community about social economic issues faced by Mauritian families today.

    Art brings people together, enriches our culture and emotional health. Education is the source of economic development. Being an important economic agent in the region, we have the responsibility to give back society and share their work.

    Last year soflo undertook numerous social activities, namely for music day in association with Vent d’un Rêve they performed a live music show for the shoppers in the mall. This initiative allowed young children to perform live and be valued for their efforts. 

  • Kendra’s social theme revolves around health and sports. October is known worldwide to be the month of breast cancer awareness. Kendra also took part in this campaign by teaming up with Link to Life. The shopping centre raised funds by hosting a Zumba session and free breast cancer screenings were offered by the association on the same day. Kendra also collaborated with the Rotary Club of Ebene on several occasions by offering free health check-ups. Last March, around 1,000 people in the community underwent a health check-up. This event was organised in partnership with two tenants. Mathieu Opticien provided free eye tests and Planet Health Pharmacy offered special deals on that day. Finally, during the month of Ramadan last June, Kendra hosted a social media campaign to help the community stay healthy. Tips on healthy habits were put forward during the fasting period.