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Our Values


Our values are woven into the fabric of our Group and guide the way we run our business.


We build relationships based on trust and honesty.



We strive to meet or surpass our shoppers’ expectations while staying within sound business principles.



We remain enthusiastic and committed to what we do. We continuously innovate to ensure success.


Responsible citizens

We engage ourselves to be socially responsible in all our daily and strategic business dealings.

"We innovate as ONE TEAM."




We believe that Human Capital creates value and lies at the heart of Ascencia’s competitiveness. Although we do not have any employees, we operate under two management agreements, namely Property and Asset Management with EnAtt and Fund Management with Rogers and Company Limited. Those 73 people are the foundations of our daily operations.


Cultural Journey

The journey will promote shared leadership and develop team cohesion around our strategic projects and objectives.



Rewarding Performance

A fair and transparent reward system has been implemented to further promote and sustain employee performance.



Leadership Development

Leadership team coaching initiatives will allow us to improve our leadership potential and equip our managers with the necessary skills and competencies to achieve our strategic goals.



Cultural Journey


Building An Impactful Team


OCT 2019 - FEB 2020

- Validate shared vision

- Agree on new culture style

- Engage around Team Pledge



MAR 2020 - OCT 2020

- Addressing Team Malfunctions through pairing conversations / team retreats

- Introducing performance conversation

- Cascading and building engagement around shared vision and new culture style to all team members

- Identifying and empowering culture champions ( Buddies)



NOV 2020 - JUL 2021

- Review and alignment of members job objectives

- Implementing cultural initiatives: conflict resolution, peer to peer influencing, celebrating success




- Defining Acceptable behaviors

- Review and alignment of reporting framework with individual, team and company objectives

Through this journey, we have onboarded new members whose contribution to our journey has been critical.

"Our people are the driving force that will allow us to fulfil our strategic objectives and create value."


Job Opportunities