The wearing of masks is our new reality. Our construction sites make no exception. Indeed, our partners have resumed work for Decathlon and the extension of Bagatelle Mall projects while coping with the social distancing and regular handwashing measures onsite. Despite these constraints, our projects are on good track for trading as from beginning 2021. 


Bagatelle Mall is the leading shopping retail destination in Mauritius. Its dominant presence and offerings attract various shoppers from all over the island. Indeed, our Mall merges several of the world’s most desirable brands and entertainment options, all in a comfortable and convenient setting. Home & Leisure, the home décor node of the Bagatelle Mall precinct, provides visitors with a selection of shops offering home accessories, deco, furniture and entertainment such as a theatre, bowling and indoor football playground.


With the extension of the Mall, the aim is to uplift the existing experience of our shoppers and visitors. Furthermore, with our projects which are going ahead as planned, Ascencia is contributing to the creation of jobs in this challenging post confinement period. 


Indeed, in the face of the numerous challenges, we are called to reinvent ourselves. The need to think differently while responding to the market demands is critical to the economic recovery and the survival of the business community. 


The crisis has enlarged further our possibilities of development in the retail sector. I have had several discussions with our partners since the past weeks about innovative offerings in our Malls. The need to define new trends in our sector is essential for the sound future of the industry. I’m personally glad to take part in this journey and take up the challenges in the sector with the aim of bringing something more to our Malls’ experience on the island. 


Shaping singular places is what Ascencia has been doing so far and this is what we will be doing for the years to come.