FABRICE FOURNIER – Centre Manager of Riche Terre Mall



“We have several important projects in the pipeline.”



My main mission as Centre Manager is to make sure that everything runs smoothly in the Mall, from the day-to-day operations to the marketing plans, the leasing of our commercial spaces as well as the financial overview. The management of the mall with ongoing meetings takes up a big part of my working days. Thankfully, I can count on a very supportive and dedicated team.



When the crisis hit our island, only a few months after I was appointed, difficult decisions had to be made. For example, during the lockdown, I had to groom a team of essential workers on site as the supermarket, the pharmacy, some food outlets and the ATMs were still operating normally while implementing our #SafeShopping Protocol. Communication is key, particularly in such circumstances, where I had to rely on multiple communication vectors so as to align with the rest of the team working at home. The confinement period was indeed challenging but I had a supportive team who kept me going during those uncertain times.



Nowadays, and despite the pandemic, the Mall is financially stable. All of our commercial spaces are occupied, which we are very proud of, and we have several important projects in the pipeline such as the improvement of our mall maintenance. Our clients are happy and they come back often, and we are consistently maintaining very good relations with our tenants and service providers.



Ascencia values and vision with a clear sense of direction are helping us tremendously in our management of the Mall. We were able to better adapt to the situation with a relief plan proposed to our tenants and the #SafeShopping Protocol comprising of various sanitary measures. With such a proactive response to the current situation, we are confident that the goals we have set for Riche Terre Mall in 2021 will be achieved.