Gregory Bechard, Centre Manager of Bagatelle Mall: With Bagatrip, we want to share this feeling of discovery and delight to our visitors


Bagatrip! We are embarking since the Wednesday 9th of September our visitors on a trip across some continents which are well-known for their specific culture, traditions and trends. With the closing of borders, it is a time for travel lovers to reconnect with or discover their most preferred destinations through shows and iconic objects which form part of the Mall’s decorations. 


As for me, I will be experiencing this Mall trip with a mind full of memories. “Straya” or the “Land Down Unda” is the nickname given to Australia. I will never forget my stay in this much-developed country. It has an authentic culture, starting with its slang which mainly the people who have been interacting regularly with the inhabitants can understand. Through the seven years, I have spent in this country, I have appreciated my time learning about the people, their traditions and their lifestyles. I thank all the people who have shared their culture and authenticity with me. Today, on top of being a proud Mauritian, I consider myself as a proud Aussie and would recommend Australia for your next trip.


Furthermore, with this event, we want to share this feeling of discovery and delight to the people who do not usually travel through this mini-travel experience in our Mall. Each shopper and visitor will hold a passport which will reinforce this feeling of visiting a country with the control and stamping process.


Don’t miss this enjoyable and rewarding trip before Sunday 4th of October. 


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